Obvious Front – HMC4 Vendor Spotlight!

Looking for some 21st Century Folk-Art? We got you covered. Obvious Front out of Milan, Illinois will be with us for HMC4! Obvious Front builds items from electronic components salvaged from discarded TVs and VCRs and computers. If you have an old machine you want to get rid of bring it along! Obvious Front has been offering a trade of a robot charm in exchange for a junk VCR and will be collecting machines at the Spring event. All robot charms are built with lead-free solder using electronic components that have been ultrasonically cleaned. (*These figures contain small parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 6)


HMC3 Vendor Spotlight: Polk & California

It is no secret that we think today’s vendor spotlight is the bee’s knees. Tarisha’s (P&C designer) sweet bags have been hanging out over on our Featured Artist Page for a few weeks now. Yes the time will come when we update that page (after HMC3) but P&C’s feature is one of our favorites so far and we don’t mind them loitering a bit longer. CLICK HERE to learn how Tarish gets her creative process gong and what handmade items she cherishes the most and visit Polk & California at our upcoming Holiday event on December 3rd.

HMC3 Vendor Spotlight: Pixels For Breakfast

Another great artist from the Iowa City scene, Colin Greenhalgh of Pixels For Breakfast, will be selling his artwork and prints at the Handmade City Holiday show. Colin has some great work over on his site and inside his Etsy Shop. When we plan our events and ask for applications it makes us very happy to hear from vendors who are looking to sell original art. Indie craft masters provide a terrific selection of goods at our shows but we are also happy to help support artists looking to sell original work.



HMC3 Vendor Spotlight: Eden Accessories

Our Holiday Event wouldn’t be complete without a couple great accessories booths right? Well one of our favorite accessories shop will be making their second HMC appearance at the upcoming Holiday event. Eden Accessories owner Amanda knows how to design for baby, women & kids. Her lovely hairpieces are colorful, creative and quality made. We happen to think every girl should have one of Eden’s Accessories inside their stocking this Christmas! (hear that Santa?!)

HMC3 Vendor Spotlight: Dilly Baby

Dilly Baby IS hip gifts for women and kids! Working out of Davenport Iowa, Miss Amiee Marie (designer & owner of DB) had one of the most popular booths at last year’s HMC Holiday event. We are very happy to have her with us again this year and we hope you are too! Dilly Baby has a successful online shop over on Etsy.com where it recently sold it’s 2,000th sale last month and is already up to sale #2040! You can also buy directly from Dilly Baby through it’s newly redesigned website dillybaby.com. If you can make it past the insane urge to impulse buy off the site and are going to wait until December 3rd to pick something up, here is a tip: you better make sure to snatch up your Dilly Baby goodies fast! Aimee’s items were such a big hit last year that she ended up selling out of a few. We know we are gonna get ours right away!

HMC3 Vendor Spotlight: B.A.B.E. Jewelry & Accessories

We are very excited to have B.A.B.E. Jewelry be a part of the upcoming Holiday Event. Elizabeth Adkins-Hernandez is the Iowa City artist behind B.A.B.E. and this will be her first Handmade City event – make sure you stop by her booth and give a warm welcome!  Elizabeth will be one of three vendors offering jewelry this year BUT her stuff is uniquely different and will definitely stand out amongst the other vendors. In addition to jewelry she will be selling accessories such as scarves and hair items!

“Most of my work combines new materials with vintage re appropriated components.  I am very excited about my new collection because I have treated the feathers I have been collecting from my husbands water foul hunting.  This process has allowed me to make necklaces out of a material not normally suited for daily wear!  Although my work spans the range from quirky, to elegant I always focus on the workmanship.  I consistently produce unique items made well with the intent that they withstand daily wear.  I am also excited about the option to show my work in the Quad Cities since I am from there and have not had the opportunity to do so since my moving many years ago…” – Elizabeth Adkins-Hernandez


HMC3 Vendor Spotlight: The Adventure Orange

It should come as no surprise that The Adventure Orange will make it’s third apperance at the upcoming Holiday 2011 event. When we held our first show back in December of 2010 we realized we needed to get The Adventure Orange there, not only because they make amazing handmade items that we knew customers would love, but they also set the tone for our events by producing do it yourself, handmade, quality, unique, local goods! They are also active in the community and support local artists by offering individual and group classes for those who are anxious to learn a new craft. It is this combination that embodies the Handmade City spirit. When we think of HMC and what kind of art/craft we want to help promote The Adventure Orange definitely is one of the first that comes to mind. We are happy yo have them, happy to promote them and happy that so many shoppers will be taking home their creations this Holiday Season!

The Adventure Orange is a D.I.Y. cooperative started in 2007, by Anne Brown. They were located in the heart of Downtown East Moline up until recently and can now be found in the Village of East Davenport selling clothing, fine art, jewelry, furniture, accessories and other wonderful handmade things. (They also have two in-store seamstresses and offer individual and group classes in many craft areas.. Nov’11 class list HERE) We kind of like to call them the Q.C.D.I.Y.Q. or Quad Cities do it yourself queens!

Adventure Orange
2218 East 11th street
Davenport, IA 52804


Mon – Tue: 10:00 am 5:00 pm
Thu – Fri: 10:00 am 5:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am 4:00 pm


Click HERE for link

Vendor Spotlight:: Double Dose – Calluxcity & Eric Thomas Wolever

I couldn’t be more happy to share both of these awesome vendors with you. These creative Quad Cities kids will be selling some unique items at the Spring event.

Ray Ybarra of Calluxcity will selling a variety of hand-spun yarns along with some of his hand knitted items. Ray will be taking orders at the show as well for custom projects! Make sure to stop and say hello.

Calluxcity on Etsy
Visit Ray’s handmade city booth on April 30th!


It makes me feel old to know that this amazing artist is all grown perusing his artist career. Eric Thomas Wolever was buddies with my little brother Owen back in the day and evening knowing him then I could tell that he was one creative kid. I am super excited to see what type of ceramics he will be bring to the Spring show and looking forward to picking up some for myself. You must check out his booth and tell him ‘Hanavan’ sent you! ~ rose

Vendor Spotlight :: Eden Accessories

Handmade City is happy to have this new vendor selling at our upcoming event. Get your cute on with fun colorful accessories from Eden Accessories. Amanda Dean will be selling hair clips, headbands, fabric bib necklaces and other fun fabric accessories at our Spring Show. We can’t imagine a girl or lady that wouldn’t love sporting one of Amanda’s Creations. All handmade and very chic! If you are in the mood for a fresh Spring accessories make sure to visit Eden Acc. at the HMC2 event!

Eden Accessories on Etsy
Visit Amanda’s handmade city booth on April 30th!

Vendor Spotlight :: Double Dose – Adventure Orange & Betty Round!

Our first vendor spotlight for the Spring Show! (Saturday April 30, 11am,–4pm)

The Adventure Orange is a group of fun, talented ladies who definitely know how to get their craft on. Not only do these QC DIY queens whip up some of their own impressive goodies they support many local artists too! Stop into their downtown East Moline shop and have a look,  you are sure to find something to take home with you.

Visit the lovely A.O. team at our April 30th craft event at Rozz-Tox. The event runs from 11am–4pm, with the afterparty starting @7:30pm. We are looking forward to meeting you!

The Adventure Orange
833 15th Ave in East Moline, IL.
Mon–Fri: Noon–6pm
Saturdays: 1pm–6pm


Betty Round is by far one of the most talented ladies I have ever met and she excels in making almost everything & anything. For example she has been busy creating all sorts of fun stuff for our Spring Show… pillows, hats, jewelry, felted goods, upcycled t-shirts and more! To get a sneak peek of some of the items she will have for sale on April 30th read through the Featured Artist interview we just did with her at the end of last month. Cool crafts aside, she is really nice and you will most likely want to be friends with her as soon as you meet! ~ rose

Betty Round
visit her handmade city booth on April 30th!