Too Bad Mice – HMC4 Vendor Spotlight!

Purrvana, Hiss, Spayer and Alice Scooper! If those names don’t crack you up then you may not be as into cat/rock puns as we are! Iowa City cat lover Too Bad Mice will be joining us for HMC4, selling catnip toys and screen-printed stuffed animals. Check out the Too Bad Mice Etsy shop and Facebook page to see pictures of their catnip toys in action with some pretty lovable kitties. April 28th will be here soon and we can’t wait to pick  some fun toys for our little HMC puss!


HMC3 Vendor Spotlight: B.A.B.E. Jewelry & Accessories

We are very excited to have B.A.B.E. Jewelry be a part of the upcoming Holiday Event. Elizabeth Adkins-Hernandez is the Iowa City artist behind B.A.B.E. and this will be her first Handmade City event – make sure you stop by her booth and give a warm welcome!  Elizabeth will be one of three vendors offering jewelry this year BUT her stuff is uniquely different and will definitely stand out amongst the other vendors. In addition to jewelry she will be selling accessories such as scarves and hair items!

“Most of my work combines new materials with vintage re appropriated components.  I am very excited about my new collection because I have treated the feathers I have been collecting from my husbands water foul hunting.  This process has allowed me to make necklaces out of a material not normally suited for daily wear!  Although my work spans the range from quirky, to elegant I always focus on the workmanship.  I consistently produce unique items made well with the intent that they withstand daily wear.  I am also excited about the option to show my work in the Quad Cities since I am from there and have not had the opportunity to do so since my moving many years ago…” – Elizabeth Adkins-Hernandez