December 2016 Holiday Show Vendors

Wild Cherry Spoon Co. / Genevra Ball / Abernathys Bent River Bobbins Mumm’s Mud / Crafted QC / The Green Lilac Hartley Studio / KK Peirce design / Laura Loves Cute / M.A.D.E Community / Wandering Mail / Crosswinds Farm Kettle Art The Artery / Siberian Soap Co. / Leo & Lola / Warm Fuzzies / Mama K’s / Fashion Funward / Earth Faeries / Pink Dandelion / Wiley Bandz Pajama Love Erica Parrott / Obvious Front / Enamored Woods / Wasted / Whoa Nelli / Farm Glass / Ladynoble

December 2015 Holiday Show Vendors

Warm Fuzzies Genevra Bell Twisted By Design Oh My Ganache Bliss Joy Bull Pajama Love / Earth Faeries BoBo Originals Crosswinds Farms Adventure Orange Hartley Studio / Farm Genevieve / Iron Leaf Press Arctic Summer Two Gems Lil Squeeks / Red Door Press Deb’s Dreamy Pillows Leo & Lola Fashion Funward Johnnie Cluney Laura Palmer Print & Clay Esther’s Envy Gallery 114 Wasted Ladynoble Made Abernathy’s Bent River Bobbins Mumm’s Mud The Green Lilac Darn it, Sew What / Casting Crew / BRIKA / Garden Variety Soaps / Laura Loves Cute / Enamored Woods / ARTery / Fuzzy Bums / Whoa Nelli

December 2014 Holiday Show Vendors

Rise Above Leathers, Warm Fuzzies, Tiny Yellow Key Designs, Oh My Ganache, Pajama Love, Earth Faeries, Helena Sophia, Totes & Toggles,  Phono Orange & Olive, Adventure Orange, Hartley Studio, Jillians World, Artistic Red, Dancin Daisies, Bent River Bobbins, Lil Squeek, Kettle Art, Mighty Miss, Leo & Lola, Night Owl Bliss, Papercut Stationery, Leah Leah, Jen Swift Art, Glass by Sue, Systir Wares, Dolls by Emily, Wandering Mail, Studio 2, Blue Owl, General Assembly Tees, Ladynoble, Fever Candle, Darling Dees Diapers, Abernathy’s

HMC a part of ICEstravaganza 2013 Event

Lil’ Squeeks , Earth Faeries, Beck’s Buttons, Angel Sister, Warm Fuzzies, Oh My Ganache, Kathleen Rose Designs, Kettle Art, Cori Pitcher in the Davenport Sky Bridge.

December 2012 Holiday Show Vendors

Adventure Orange, Angel Sister, B.A.B.E. Jewelry, Beck’s Buttons, Bent River Bobbins, Boho Chic Gallery, Chaotic Harmony, Decadence, Earth Faeries Fangrrl Fiber Arts, Hartley Studio, Helena Sophia, I’ll Be Yarned , Innad, J.Bird Stitch, Ladynoble , Leah & Seth, Leo & Lola, Lil’ Squeaks, Miss Maehem’s Accessories, Maynie’s Bowtique, Obvious Front, Pajama Love, Plaid Peony, Phono Orange & Olive, Photography by Tassy, Rise Above Leathers, Sweet William Handmade, Systirwares , Totes & Toggles, VIintage Chic Crochet, Warm Fuzzies, Wiredowl Designs, Rozz-Tox, ThePlace2Be, BUcktown Center for the Arts – Our venue and studio artists.

April 2012 Spring Show Vendors

Adventure Orange, Andie’s Paperie, Decadence, Earth Faeries, Eden Accessories, Future Farms Art, Hartley Studio, Huckleberry, Innad, J.Bird Stitch, Johnnie Cluney, Klarkowski Pottery, Ladynoble, Lil’ Squeeks, Miss Maehem’s Accessories, Tengo Miedo Ceramics, Obvious Front, Orange Guy, Pajama Love, Plaid Peony, Rise Above Leathers, Seeded Earth, Silkscreamers, Sue C Designs, Sweet William Handmade, Teeny Footprint, Too Bad Mice, Totes & Toggles, Unforgiven Vintage, Vintage Chic Crochet, Rozz-Tox and Bucktown Center for the Arts – our April 2012 venue!

December 2011 Holiday Show Vendors

Adventure Orange, B.A.B.E., Betty Round, Dark Highlands,Dilly Baby, Doug, Jack & Me, Eden Accessories, Hartley Studio, Klarkowski Pottery, Ladynoble, Leah Leah, Lil Squeeks, Miss Maehem Accessories, Pajama Love, Phono Orange, Pixels for Breakfast, Plaid Peony, Polk & California, Pushing Up Daisies, Tassy’s Photography,  Warm Fuzzies and Rozz-Tox our Dec. 2011 Venue.

April 2011 Spring Show Vendors

The Adventure Orange, Betty Round, Calluxcity, Cupboards Zine, Dark Highlands, Doug, Jack & Me, Eden Accessories, Eric Wolever, Fannie’s Closet, Helena Sophia, Kara’s Collection, Ladynoble, Leah Leah, Lil Squeeks, Luminology, Plaid Peony, Polk & California, Photography by Tassy, Team Tall Bike, Seeded Earth Growers and Rozz-Tox our April 30th Venue.

December 2010 Holiday Show Vendors

The Adventure Orange, Betty Round, Cupboards Zine, Dilly Baby, Doug, Jack and Me, Fannie’s Closet, Ladynoble, Lil Squeaks, Leah Leah, Oh So Little Prints, Terrible Delicious and THEO’s Coffe House our Dec. 4th Venue.