Johnnie Cluney – HMC4 Vendor Spotlight!

Some of you may know Johnnie Cluney as Daytrotter’s amazing illustrator. Johnnie has been drawing illustrations for Daytrotter since day one of their recording studio. His colorful line-art portraits continue to impress top musicians/artists in the industry. The best part is that his Daytrotter doodling is only a day job. Johnnie is also an admired musician and talented designer – this kid oozes creativity.  Plan on picking up some original JC artwork and music at his HMC4 booth. We’re going to grab a few ourselves and wouldn’t be surprised if his stuff gets picked over fast.


Klarkowski Pottery – HMC4 Vendor Spotlight!

Klarkowski Pottery’s consists of awesome handmade cement pots for your home and/or business. Their handmade concrete and cement pottery is made right in Moline, Illinois and they offer custom designs and finishes. We’re happy to have these guys back with us for HMC4. Brittany Klarkowski has also been a huge supporter of Handmade City & HMC4 and deserves a ginormous THANK YOU for everything she has helped us with so far. Make sure you stop by the Klarkowski booth on April 28 and let Brittany know she rocks. P.s. She will also be selling artwork that is pretty amazing, so plan on spending some cash when you visit!

Ladynoble – HMC4 Vendor Spotlight

Okay I admit, it is weird writing one of these for myself! Ladynoble is run by your truly – Rose Noble. Some of you may know me as the Handmade City lady, or art lady, or mama lady… I have so many hats it is kind of crazy! In my booth I will be selling fun new art, décor and handmade jewelry. Please find me and say “hello”, I really love getting to make new friends at each Handmade City event! ~ Rose, HMC Lady

Lil’ Squeeks – HMC4 Vendor Spotlight!


What can we say about our pal Lil’ Squeeks that we haven’t already said?! We absolutely love this shop and are excited to see Lil’ Squeeks expand their pet items and filter in more people goodies too! If you plan on attending HMC4 (which by this point you would be crazy not to) you definitely need to visit Mary over at Lil’ Squeeks to pick up some presents for you beloved pet! ~ visit the Lil’ Squeeks Etsy shop and Facebook page.

No Tengo Miedo Clay – HMC4 Vendor Spotlight!

Clay artist Amanda Barr will be with us for HMC4. Her handmade, one-of-a-kind ceramics will no doubt be some of the most coveted items at the event. Amanda uses her own custom printing process and makes everything from start to finish in her studio. Pretty cool right?! Visit her Etsy shop to see all sorts of creations like bowls, tumblers, buttons and more! Check out Amanda’s tumblr to learn more about her and her process.

Obvious Front – HMC4 Vendor Spotlight!

Looking for some 21st Century Folk-Art? We got you covered. Obvious Front out of Milan, Illinois will be with us for HMC4! Obvious Front builds items from electronic components salvaged from discarded TVs and VCRs and computers. If you have an old machine you want to get rid of bring it along! Obvious Front has been offering a trade of a robot charm in exchange for a junk VCR and will be collecting machines at the Spring event. All robot charms are built with lead-free solder using electronic components that have been ultrasonically cleaned. (*These figures contain small parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 6)

Pajama Love- HMC4 Vendor Spotlight!


Hip Hip Hooray for Pajama Love! Whimsical sock dolls, crocheted play food and small animals, crocheted necklaces and accessories, greeting cards, and other curiousities! This little shop is a must stop so pop on over to their Etsy shop! P.S. they have a Facebook page too, and Jody & Jason (artists) are organizing a great event in Iowa City TOMORROW. If you will be in the area you have to check it out!

Plaid Peony – HMC4 Vendor Spotlight!


Many of you may have seen this vendor at our past events. Our friend Adrienne is the creator of Plaid Peony, a shop that sells cute creations for babies, young girls & ladies! We love her appliquéd onesies and are happy to have Adrienne back for HMC4. Visit her Etsy shop to see more or shop her booth on April 28th!

Rise Above Leathers – HMC4 Vendor Spotlight!

Ooo la la! Check out this awesome vendor! Preston has been crafting gorgeous leather items under Rise Above Leathers since 2009. He truly is an artist and we’re pumped to him selling at HMC4! Rise Above Leathers accessories are hand cut, crafted, and finished one piece at a time using only the highest quality domestic leather. On April 28th you will be able to pick up handcrafted chokers, cuffs, watch bands, belts, guitar straps, dog collars, and custom motorcycle pieces! Please visit the Rise Above Leathers Facebook page to see more of Preston’s work.