HMC3 Vendor Spotlight: Dark Highlands

We love these guys, visit their site and you will see why. Not only do they showcase writers and artists from the Midwest but they specialize in horror, dark fantasy, and supernatural fiction! AND to top it off they are all really nice and have a good sense of humor, the kind of kids you wanna hang out with after meeting them and realizing you have much in common. Needless to say Handmade City was thrilled to have them as a part of our Spring 2011 show where they sold DH Books one & two. They have since added book number three and by this comment below we may be in for a treat:

“There’s a 97% chance we’ll have an even newer title to debut at HMC. Our 4th book!” – Brad Ellis, DH Picture Guy

It isn’t for sure but that would be pretty rad right?! In addition to their books DH will also be selling tees, buttons and magnets featuring artwork from the books. Stop by the all black booth on December third and support these guys by picking up their really great reads.

Visit the Dark Highlands Website!


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