HMC3 – Handmade City 2011 Holiday Vendors!

So happy to have such an AWESOMELY TALENTED vendor group for our upcoming Holiday Event. We are looking forward to the big crowd these artists will surley bring! Please browse their websites below and maybe leave a friendly “I can’t wait to get my hands on your stuff” email.

Adventure Orange:  clothing & art
B.A.B.E.:  jewelry & accessories
Betty Round:  housewares
Dark Highlands:  books!
Dilly Baby:  children’s items
Doug, Jack & Me:  paper goods & cards
Eden Accessories:  hair accessories
Hartley Studio:  artisan jewelry
Helena Sophia:  children’s items & handspun yarn
Klarkowski Pottery:  pottery
Ladynoble:  jewelry, art & housewares
Leah Leah:  knit hats & art
Lil Squeeks:  pet items
Miss Maehem Accessories:  accessories
Pajama Love:  crocheted animals, housewares & art
Phono Orange:  letterpress cards and prints
Photography by Tassy:  photography
Pixels for Breakfast:  artwork & prints
Plaid Peony:  sewn goods & young kid clothing
Polk & California:  handbags
Pushing Up Daisies:  artwork & prints
Undone:  gift boxes & candles
Warm Fuzzies:  handmade mittens

*Check back later tonight for our flier & updated homepage!


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