Vendor Spotlight: Double dose – Polk + California & Seeded Earth

Hydroponic Planters, plants, flowers, bouquets… Seeded Earth is awesome and will be selling at the Spring show on April 30. I am certain a lot of folks are going to want to get their hands on some fresh cut, carefully selected and brilliantly arranged flower bouquets this Saturday. April showers do bring May flowers.. and plant.. and seeds… very cool hydroponic planters made from recycled wine bottles!

Seeded Earth
Visit their booth on April 30th!


So my sister said to me the other day:

“Girl can I get a handmade handbag on Saturday?”

to which I replied:

“Why yes, yes you can!”

Okay… that conversation didn’t happen but if it did then my sister would be excited to know that Polk + California will be selling handmade handbags (along with some cool clothing and other fun stuff) at the upcoming Spring Show. How awesome is that!?!

Polk + California
Visit their booth on April 30th!


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